When You Believe-《埃及王子》插曲

        這首歌是兩位超級女歌手瑪麗亞·凱麗與惠特尼·休斯頓為迪士尼影片《埃及王子》連袂配唱的主題曲。電影中,“When you believe”是對摩西率領希伯萊人出埃及的回眸與讚頌,它讓我們相信希望雖渺茫卻難以破滅,它告訴我們只要你相信你就能做到……



When you belive 當你相信時

Many night we've prayed  許多個夜晚我們祈禱 

with no proof anyone could 不能證明誰能聽得到 

In our heart a hopeful song 我們的心就是希望之歌 

we barely understood 我們剛剛明瞭 

Now we are not afraid而如今我們不再懼怕

Although we know there's much to fear 雖然我們有太多害怕的事情 

we were moving the mountian long 我們能夠移山 

Before we knew we could 在我們知道之前 


There can be miracles 這一定是個奇跡 

when you belive 當你相信的時候 

Though hope is frail 儘管希望如此脆弱 

it's hard to kill 但也不能輕易撲滅 

who knows what miracles誰知道奇跡是什麼 

you can achieve你可以做到 

when you belive 當你相信的時候 

somehow you will 不知道什麼原因你就會做到 

you will when you belive當你相信的時候就會做到 


And this time of fear在這個令人寒心時刻

when prayer so often proves in vain 當信徒們徒勞無功地證明

hope seems like the summer birds 希望像是夏天的小鳥

too swiftly flown away 飛快地掠過

and now i am standing here 現在我站在這裡

my heart's so full i can't explain 我的心滿滿的 無法解釋

seeking faith and speaking wordsi never thought i'd say 我從未想過我會說


there can be miracles這是個奇跡尋找信仰

when you believe (when you believe)當你相信的時候

though hope is frail 儘管希望如此脆弱

it's hard to kill  但也不能輕易撲滅

who know what miracle 誰知道什麼是奇跡

you can achieve (you can achieve) 你可以做到

when you believe 當你相信的時候

somehow you will 不知道什麼原因你就會做到

you will when you believe 當你相信的時候就會做到


they don't always happen when you ask 當你詢問的時候它們不經常出現

and it's easy to give in to your fear 而且很輕易地帶給你懼怕

but when you're blinded by your pain但是當你因為痛苦而盲目無助

can't see you way safe through the rainthought of a still resilient voice 

says love is very near 想像一種很平靜的聲音說愛是如此靠近不能在大雨中看清你的道路


there can be miracles (miracles) 這就是奇跡 奇跡

when you believe (when you believe) 當你相信的時候  當你相信的時候

though hope is frail  儘管希望如此脆弱

it's hard to kill 但也不能輕易撲滅

who know what miracles 誰知道什麼是奇跡

you can achieve (you can achieve)你可以做到 你可以做到

when you believe 當你相信的時候

somehow you will不知道什麼原因你就會做到


you will when you believe 你會做到當你相信的時候

you will when you believe 你會做到當你相信的時候

you will when you believe 你會做到當你相信的時候

just believe 就那麼相信

you will when you believe 你會做到當你相信的時候


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