Whitney Houston - Where do broken hearts 傷心何處去 

I know it's been some time 我知道 已經過了一段時間了 
But there's something on my mind但仍然有些難以忘懷的事旋繞在心頭 
You see, I haven't been the same since that cold November day...你知道嗎 從你離開的那個寒冷的冬天起我已經徹底的改變了 
We said we needed space我們說 給彼此一些喘息的空間 
But all we found was an empty place 
但是為什麼 卻發現彼此已再已無法有心靈的交集 
And the only things I learned 終於我學到了一件事 
Is that I need you desperately... 我是多麼極度的需要你的一切 

*So here I am and can you please tell me... oh所以 我一直在等著你 希望能夠告訴我你離去的原因 

Where do broken hearts go 破碎的心 心碎何處 
Can they find their way home 
Back to the open arms of a love that's waiting there 
能否回到那, 一直守候的愛人的懷抱 
And if somebody loves you 縱然 你找到一個愛你的人 
Won't they always love you但 他們不會像我一樣永遠愛你的 
I look in your eyes and I know that you still care, for me 
我從你眼裡看見 你仍然是在乎我的 

I've been around enough to know我已經歷許久 以至於我明白 
That dreams don't turn to gold 夢想難以成真 
And that there is no easy way絕對不會那麼輕易的 
No you just can't run away...不要 別輕易地離去 
And what we have is so much more than we ever had before我們擁有的比過去那一切還要更使我難以忘懷 
And no matter how I try無論我做什麼 
You're always on my mind*總是無法輕易將你忘去 

And now that I am here with you現在 我陪在你身邊 
I'll never let you go我還是會緊緊地依靠著你 
I look into your eyes我看見你的眼神 
And now I know, now I know...我終於明白 終於明白了 

for me, you still care for me 你仍然是在乎我的

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